Why choose SoulDeo?

We are proudly a small batch, all natural company that believes in the best for each body. We believe that using natural products should not be at the cost of a great working or great smelling product!  

SoulDeo is dedicated primarily to creating luxurious, Aluminum-free, 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free deodorant.


What do I need to know about our natural deodorant?

Our natural deodorant is made with, you guessed it, natural ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals, parabens, fragrances or aluminum in our natural deodorant. Just like anything you put in or on your body, you should be aware of the ingredients and the effect they have on your health.


How much is too much/how do I apply?

For the stick formula, just a few swipes onto clean skin.  Gently apply and work it in until clear for best results. Reapply as necessary. 


Can I apply this deodorant in other areas?

Yes! You can actually use this anywhere on your body! Most popular suggestions: ~anti-chafing~under breasts~foot deodorant~


How long should my deodorant last?

With normal use, your deodorant should last between 3-6 months. Heavy use will likely result in 2 - 4 months per deodorant.

Our products typically have a 12 month shelf life. At SoulDeo we do not use any type of chemical preservative to extend shelf life, we only use the freshest ingredients for our products!


I have sensitive skin!

We have a BAKING SODA FREE formula in Orange and Lavender, Coconut + Shea (scent-free) or Lime + Bergamot that is perfect for delicate skin, and still works great because it's packed with magnesium! 

Looking for scent-free? We have a Coconut and Shea Stick formula for those with aversions to additional scent.  

What if I'm a REALLY heavy sweater? 

Activated Charcoal is your BFF! 

Activated charcoal can absorb 1000 times its own weight in moisture, so it's an amazing ingredient in our products! It is great at drawing out toxins in the body, is gentle on skin and naturally neutralizes odour. We have several options that have this amazing agent to give it an additional line of defense against sweat and odour. 


My deodorant is hard! What do I do?

Our products are made using natural butters and oils, so temperatures can affect the consistency of the product. For the stick formula, just hold it against the skin for a few seconds before applying. Remember to keep it somewhere warm to avoid hardening.

My dry shampoo pump is acting up!

Dry shampoo-Just unscrew the pump and pump into the sink until clear.

Shower mist sprayer- just run the top under hot water and pump it through a few times! 

Please contact us if you need any more assistance!   

Where else can I get it?

 See our where to buy page.